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Buying a Laptop? Avoid Chromebook and Surface Go

Buying a Laptop? Avoid Chromebook and Surface Go

The choice is yours if you are purchasing a new computer to use for your NIC studies.

We’ve outlined a detailed list of helpful tips when assessing your computer hardware on the Hardware Checklist page. And we’ve outlined the apps, software and programs you should have on your computer found on the Software Checklist page.

However, Chromebook (from Google) and Surface Go (from Microsoft with “S” mode) are laptops that both come with a ‘stripped down’ operating system. These operating systems do not allow for installation of some applications for your learning at NIC. Both companies require users to download only ‘approved apps’ through their associated stores (Google Play and Microsoft Store). Both operating systems were built to be fast, simple and more secure for people who spend most of their time on the web. But they create issues when you need to do more than what is available in their stores.

Our Student Technical Services team is trying to help students with Chromebook and Surface Go computers but there are many limitations they are running into. We wanted to share this information with you should you be looking for a new laptop. Students will be unable to download the desktop app of BlueJeans, accounting software, Respondus software, Kaltura Capture for video capturing and many other products for learning at NIC etc.

The choice is yours but we are suggesting that the purchase of a Chromebook or Surface Go may result in frustrations and inabilities to access all the software you require for your studies.

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