Resources for North Island College Students Learning in the Digital World
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What Can I Expect?

Here are some examples of how instructors are designing courses using digital platforms and technologies.

Under each platform are types of learning experiences and how often the platform may be used in B (Blended), DLU (Digital Learning Unscheduled – Asynchronous) courses and DLS (Digital Learning Scheduled – Synchronous) courses.

Each instructor will use each platform in different ways and with a different focus. Look over the course outline, ask questions and find out what and how learning will look like for your course(s).

Brightspace: Learning Experience Examples

Brightspace is NIC’s course learning platform.

  • Content: Readings, Resources, Web Links, Videos, Slide decks etc.
  • Assignment: Info and Submission
  • Assessments: Quizzes
  • Discussions: Posting and Replying
  • Communication: Email, Announcements
  • Grades: Ongoing, Updated with marking of Quizzes and Assignments


BLUEJeans: Learning Experience Examples

BlueJeans is NIC’s video/web conferencing platform.

B – Blended Courses: Low Use  | DLU (Digital Learning Unscheduled) Courses: Low to Medium Use focusing on optional uses such as:

  • Office Hours
  • Student Consultations
  • Review Sessions
  • Answering Questions

DLS (Digital Learning Scheduled) Courses: High Use focusing on required uses such as:

  • Delivering Content
  • Student Discussions
  • Assessments (Oral Tests)
  • Student Consultations
  • Engagement Activities
  • Group and Team Work
  • Check-in Sessions
  • Review Sessions
  • Answering Questions


Kaltura: Learning Experience Examples

Kaltura is NIC’s video storage and streaming platform along with a video recording and editing tool called Kaltura Capture.

  • Viewing Instructor Videos
  • Creating Welcome Videos
  • Capturing Learning to Share with Instructor
  • Recording Presentations to Share with Peers/Class


WordPress: Learning Experience Examples

WordPress is a website and blogging platform that offers free sites for BC instructors and students who use their NIC email. It isn’t a platform that many instructors will be using. Some instructors in some disciplines are using WordPress as a portfolio to gather examples of work and allow for blogging/posting of reflections and learning insights. This website was made with WordPress.

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