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Digital Literacies + Competencies

To be successful in learning digitally, it is important for students to have good digital literacies and competencies (ability to understand information and perform tasks in digital environments to someone living, learning and working in a digital society).

Digital literacies include digital identity and well-being; digital creation, problem solving and innovation; information, data and media literacies; digital learning and development and proficiencies with computer technologies. Website (AdvanceHE): Digital Literacies.

Digital competencies include hardware and software use, technology troubleshooting, knowing how to storage, back up and organize files and file folders, ensuring passwords and use of technologies is done in a private and safe way etc.

The list below outlines key student digital literacies and competencies NIC feels will assist students in being successful in their studies.

Each item has been shared with a resource for further learning and exploration.


Internet and Search Abilities

Do you know how to do a proper internet search using search terms and operators?


Office Suite Skills

Do you know how to create, edit and modify documents, presentations, and spreadsheets?


File Management and Organization

Can you create, label, file, find, open, save, back up and organize files?


Basic Hardware and Troubleshooting

Mac or PC: Do you know what different technology parts and pieces are called, how to plug in peripheral devices, make minor fixes and do basic troubleshooting (e.g., connecting to your wi-fi, updating your operating system, connecting monitors etc.)?


Self-Learning of Technology

Are you able to learn about technology on your own? This is often one of the best ways to learn new skills and brush up on old ones.

  • Lots of tutorials, videos and self-help sites for any level all over internet
  • Website (Microsoft): Microsoft 365 Training


Social Media and Privacy

Do you have strong awareness of using social media for school, personal and work, along with how to protect yourself and ensure privacy of personal information?


Communication Skills

Do you have good awareness and ability to use the internet, communicate professionally and respectfully with others via digital means, and use social media appropriately?


Security and Safety Skills

Do you know how to protect you and your technologies from viruses, spam, phishing and information being shared without your permission?


Copyright and Citation Skills

Do you understand Canadian Copyright laws and rules, how to properly cite a resource, how to use Creative Commons licensing, know what you can use and what you can’t use in terms of content while acting with academic honesty?


Evaluating Applications and Software Tools

Are you able to evaluate and make decisions about web tools/e-learning tools for use and applications, including free alternatives vs paid versions, where data is stored for privacy and security, and which tools are in compliance with BC’s Freedom of Information and Privacy of Protection Act (FIPPA)?


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