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British Columbia-hosted video storage, sharing and streaming platform allowing faculty and students to screencast/record, upload and share presentations, lectures, labs, student presentations, student assignments etc.

Note: All users of NIC MediaSpace and Blackboard integration need to comply with NIC’s Acceptable Use Policy and not record, post or share inappropriate content. Users can indicate inappropriate content by clicking on the “flag” under a video.

Smartphone: Download and Install BCNET KMS GO App

  • BCNET KMS Go App from Apple Store (iOS) – Instructions to Use – PDF Version
  • BCNET KMS Go App from Google Play Store (Android) – Instructions to Use – PDF Version

Desktop: Download Kaltura Capture (free recording tool)

  • Under “+ ADD NEW” locate Kaltura Capture (2nd from bottom of list) and download this application to your computer. There are versions for both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Here is a video to show you how to download Kaltura Capture.
  • This is a free recording tool for making videos, along with simple editing and enhancing. It may be a tool some instructors wish for you to use for creating assignments, making welcome videos, or working on group projects.
  • Watch this video to learn more about Kaltura Capture.

Create a Video

Upload Video to My Media

  • Via Desktop Computer – Video: How to Upload Media
  • Via iOS App – Handout: coming
  • Via Android App – Handout: coming

Edit Video

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