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Department of Accessible Learning Services

Accessing the digital learning environment presents opportunities and challenges for many students. What those look like, depends on the type of learner you are and how familiar you are with the online learning environment. It’s one thing to understand social media and email but online learning requires students to use a range of different technologies in order to fully participate and get the most out of your learning.

Getting to know your course and how your technology interacts with the online platform is an important step in being a successful online learner. Students who identify as functional limitations often have software and other equipment that they must use in order to have an equal learning opportunity.

North Island College’s Department of Accessible Learning Services (DALS) faculty work with students who have functional limitations in learning environment to enable students to fully participate in college courses and programs.

The DALS faculty work with students to identify individual accommodation needs. Accommodations are communicated to a student’s Instructor(s) through a letter generated by the DALS office on a semesterly basis (Accommodation Letter).

If you identify as a student with functional limitations and require academic accommodations in your digital learning environment, DALS faculty are here to help. Please see our website for additional information.


Comox Valley Campus

Wendy Harris (Chair) | Tel: 250-334-5080 | Email:

Niki Baird (Co-Chair) | Tel: 250-334-5079 | Email:

Ed Walker | Tel: 250-334-5000 ext. 4284 | Email:


Campbell River Campus

Roslyn Gaetz | Tel: 250-923-9713 | Email:

Ed Walker | Tel: 250-923-9700 ext. 4284 | Email:


Port Alberni Campus

Janis Almond | Tel: 250-724-8765 | Email:

Ed Walker | Tel: 250-724-8711 ext. 4284 | Email:



Roslyn Gaetz | Tel: 250-923-9713 | Email:

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