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Blackboard Learn is North Island College’s learning management system (LMS). A LMS is a central location for your course materials and resources. Some instructors use it for discussions and handing in assignments, others use it for the gradebook feature to see your grades. Each instructor uses it in different ways.

Students require a username (NIC credentials: 7-digit student number including the ‘n’) and password to access Blackboard Learn via one of the following two ways:


  1. via the main NIC website on top right (under Quick Links)
  2. via MyNIC student portal (typically on the left where it lists all your courses)
  3. via the direct link to Blackboard Learn

Download to have for future use: PDF Version

Helpful Videos

  • How to View Quiz Answers and Instructor Comments – Link
  • How to View Annotated Assignments in Blackboard Learn – Link
What Technology Do I Require?
  • Device: Computer (mobile devices not recommended)
  • Reliable Internet Connectivity: Good internet connection. Consider at least 50 Mbps as a good standard for watching videos, accessing content, and participating in group activities. Seek a wired internet connection or move closer to Wi-Fi source to improve connection, if necessary.
  • Wi-Fi Connection for Mobile: Mobile phones work with Blackboard but are not recommended. If using, download the app. You need a strong wi-fi connection.
  • Web Browser: Chrome is preferred (Firefox is good, too)
  • Microsoft Office Software: It is helpful to have access to Microsoft Office (for Word, PowerPoint etc.) for doing assignments. NIC students can access FREE Office software installed on up to 5 devices.
  • Peripheral Devices: You may require a printer to print off handouts, activities etc. You may wish a mouse to access links and navigate around Blackboard Learn more easily. If you need to watch videos or listen to recordings, you will require speakers.
  • BlueJeans for Live Web Classes or Office Hours: If your instructor is using BlueJeans (NIC’s web video conferencing tool) you will require the following:
    • Camera: Web conferencing camera if you are going to share video. Cameras are often built into laptops or can purchase a camera to hang over a desktop monitor. Web cams often come with mics.
    • Headset: Headset with a microphone is best for not picking up background noise. If you do not use a headset, you will need speakers and a quiet spot.
    • URL to Online Class Components: You do not need a BlueJeans account. Your instructor will provide a URL or Meeting ID for connecting through your computer with audio and video.


Where Can I Learn More About Blackboard?


How Does it Work?
  • Student Access: via MyNIC, NIC website via Quick Links in top right corner or directly at website:
  • Student Login: with student NIC credentials: username (7-digit student number including the ‘n’) and password
  • Dashboard: Listing your courses (made visible by instructors) on right side
  • Choose Course: Within a course, your instructor could be using announcements, content, discussions, quizzes, grades etc.
    – See links below for more help on moving around Blackboard courses


Where Do I Get Help?
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